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The mobile phone: you cannot work without it

It seems inconceivable now, but there was a time when it was possible to work without a telephone. Showing my age, I can remember working without a mobile phone. Now, mobile phones are indispensible to all forms of work and schoolchildren ‘need’ a mobile as well as other tablet devices. The potential for mobile phones to contribute to our work … Read More


Will Bluetooth Low Energy technology change location-based marketing?

Two rather major pieces of news to happen this week regarding mobile marketing involve a new technology called Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE. Bluetooth Low Energy is a technology that has been around for a while, but has only recently been updated to a modern bluetooth standard. BLE allows a mobile to be a sensor and signal, therefore connecting devices … Read More


How to define your mobile marketing strategy

Have you been thinking about how to communicate with your customers in a personal way via mobile? Unsure where to start? No matter what you are already doing in mobile marketing, you are probably feeling a little bit behind. You have likely been prompted to define a mobile strategy due to an increase in mobile traffic and/or mobile visitors. Should … Read More

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Why you shouldn’t think of mobile as only ‘out of home’

Mobile marketing doesn’t mean out of home, nor does it necessarily mean on a mobile device. The following blog post: Mobility doesn’t mean out of home contained a fascinating statistic from an AC Neilson study showing 72% of smartphone shoppers who make a purchase with their smartphone do it at home. The above post is very thought provoking and encouraged me … Read More